Finding seen among individuals with long-term physical health conditions

19.6 percent of first attempted suicides occur without an antecedent psychiatric disorder

Benefits include declines in existing suicidal ideation and fewer new-onset suicidal ideations

Adolescents who develop greater distrust more likely to subsequently experience mental health problems

Moderate reductions in depression seen for walking or jogging, yoga, strength training, mixed aerobic exercises, tai chi or qigong

However, adults with ADHD score lower than those with autism on total camouflaging and subscales

Children with greater moderate-to-vigorous physical activity had significantly lower Health and Behavior Inventory scores at one and two weeks postinjury

However, ongoing use of e-cigarettes with nicotine was high

During the same time period, there was a decrease seen in the percentage of overdose deaths with evidence of injection

However, neurocognitive declines are seen in others, which is tied to other poor outcomes