Black children less likely than White children to be identified with autism spectrum disorder without intellectual disability

American College of Physicians recommends monotherapy with cognitive therapy or second-generation antidepressant for patients in acute phase of moderate-to-severe depression

8.4 percent of adults took sleep meds every day or most days in last 30 days; women were more likely to take sleep meds than men

Record number of Americans enrolled in 2022, as U.S. health officials targeted hard-to-reach communities with outreach efforts

Proportion of youth aged 19 years and younger dispensed buprenorphine decreased 45 percent from 2015 to 2020

Most studies reported preliminary promising results, with improvement in the functional domains addressed

Improvement in dietary-nutritional profile seen with conventional nutritional education strategies, specific nutritional advice with a symbiotic effect

Most frequently captured domains are social well-being and psychological well-being; no PROM captured all five domains

Proportion of overdose deaths did not increase in association with actions taken to ease access to buprenorphine

Elevated risks seen across all sociodemographic groups, with particularly high rates for Hispanics, Medicaid-insured, uninsured