Highest odds of opioid overdose seen when both the individual and another household member had opioid fills in previous six months

No association seen for school disruptions with mental health, including stress, sadness, COVID-19-related worry

Of these individuals, nearly three-quarters owe some money to hospitals

Furthermore, vast majority of physicians report high administrative burden associated with prior authorization

Findings similar for healthy adults, as well as those with mental health or physical conditions

However, they have an average of 8.2 million views versus 0.3 million for expert videos

Regional clozapine, ECT, and lithium treatment frequency related to lower adolescent excess suicide mortality for 15- to 19-year-olds

Researchers say their findings highlights the risks of referring to TikTok or social media as health information source

COVID-19-related stress associated with maternal mental health and infant negative affectivity

39 minutes less of total sleep per night associated with lower scores for physical well-being, ability to cope in school