Psychosomatic symptoms increased for those with low body mass and overweight or obesity versus healthy weight

Disparities observed for nearly all leading causes of injury and disease associated with recent increases in youth mortality rates

Longer nightly sleep, more physical activity, trusting relationship with parents were protective factors for unexcused, medical absences

Greater hours of weekday screen time, use of social media associated with weight-related bullying in adolescents

Study of 15-year-olds reveals associations for academic performance and behavioral trouble at school

Disadvantaged social positions linked to harmful work patterns

Differences in methods were seen by sex, age, and race and ethnicity

Higher positive affect, lower perceived stress seen in association with caring for one's body, exercising, and engaging in healthy behaviors

Prevalence was lower in Western versus Southern census regions, in states with regulations, in states with legal adult-use marijuana

Increase seen in proportion of mental health-related visits and in percent of visits with prescription of psychotropic medications