Reduction seen in posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, and significant decreases seen in anxiety and depression

2006 to 2018 saw decrease in proportion of visits with any therapy, but no significant change in medication use

Despite burden among socially vulnerable youth, states with restrictive gun laws have lower rates of assault-related firearm deaths

Findings seen compared with student athletes aged 12 to 22 years with just one prior head injury

Prevalence of eating disorders more than doubled during pandemic in 13- to 18-year-old girls, with similar trend, but lower prevalence, in boys

Murthy is calling on policymakers, tech companies, researchers, and parents to 'urgently take action'

Among teens reporting firearm possession, those with depression and/or lifetime history of suicidality more likely to have bought/traded for it

Decreases observed in weekly emergency department visits for mental health conditions, suicide-related behaviors, drug overdoses by fall 2022 versus 2021

Authors say this has temporal correlation with expansion of social media and firearms

<p>There are both benefits and harms involved in social media use, and the report authors sought a balanced approach</p>