Authors say results suggest the need for increased screening in patients with ichthyosis

Levels declined throughout pandemic period for those aged 40 years and older, but remained elevated for younger adults

Overall, 45.8 percent of patients with iNHL are worried about prognosis; 31.2 percent perseverate on their prognosis

Composite measure of perceived stress associated with atherosclerotic and global cardiovascular disease

Associations seen for working on the hospital unit, mood disturbances, and sleep disturbances with depression, anxiety

Virtual reality interventions are suggested to have positive effect on anticipatory anxiety symptoms and pain

Other benefits seen for improved maternal social support, infant-focused anxiety, and negative emotionality in infants

MBIs recommended for anxiety symptoms and depression symptoms during and after cancer treatment

Smoking, sedentary time, BMI, sleep duration identified as main potentially modifiable mediators of associations

Benzodiazepines, anxiety disorders linked to dementia risk, but no additional risk seen for benzodiazepines in patients with anxiety disorders