Findings seen for unmedicated youths with anxiety disorder who have normalization over the course of treatment

However, brain health is comparable to that of patients hospitalized for other medical conditions of similar severity

Accelerated orbitofrontal cortex thinning on structural MRI may precede depressive symptoms

Active tCDS improves cognitive functions in memory domain, including word recall, recall of test instructions, word recognition

Improvement in depression is better for those receiving intermittent theta burst stimulation versus 10 Hz stimulation

Association was independent of Aβ and tau, and accounted for 10 percent of the variance in cognitive decline

PTSD symptoms linked to greater whole-brain white matter hyperintensity volume, poorer cognition in APOE ε4 carriers

<p>Effect of testosterone on anterior prefrontal cortex engagement decreases from middle-to-late adolescence, then shifts into activational role</p>

Device would be surgically implanted into patients' brains, with the idea that it would connect with computers to decode brain activity

Patients with post-COVID condition have greater brain activation across the network, lesser deactivation in default mode regions