After repeated head injuries cease, cognitive function and brain thickness measures stabilize and blood neurofilament light levels decline

No benefit seen for cocoa extract supplementation versus placebo

Migraine also significantly associated with higher risk for dementia

DTI connectometry analysis shows altered white matter tracts in WTC responders with cognitive impairment and/or PTSD

Link between childhood cognitive ability and cognitive state in later life modified by cognitive reserve index based on lifetime activities

Worse cognitive trajectories seen in association with higher number of PTSD symptoms among middle-aged women

Dose-dependent response seen with increasing number of cardiometabolic diseases and cognitive decline

Both treatments increase patient self-efficacy; improvements from baseline to 12-month follow-up for both treatments in all primary outcomes

High probability of atrial fibrillation by AI-ECG-AF score correlated with cerebral infarcts on MRI

Treatments based on cognitive behavioral therapies may reduce depressive symptoms, but evidence lacking for effect on anxiety