Younger age at a-fib onset linked to increased risks of all-cause and vascular dementia, Alzheimer disease

Findings consistent regardless of dementia subtype

Presence of adult ADHD significantly linked to increased dementia risk in unadjusted and adjusted analyses

Findings show variance in associated risk with hypertension, obesity, diabetes, low HDL cholesterol, and sleep disorders

Black individuals exhibit higher frequency of delusions; Asian individuals have higher frequency of apathy

Among patients with ADRD receiving care from a home health agency, antipsychotic use was tied to less improvement in activities of daily living

Divorce/separation less likely at later stages of dementia, more likely with more severe neuropsychiatric behavioral symptoms

Findings seen especially for fine particulate matter from agriculture and wildfires

Benzodiazepines, anxiety disorders linked to dementia risk, but no additional risk seen for benzodiazepines in patients with anxiety disorders