After accounting for baseline alcohol problems, only bulimia in men and women, drive for thinness in men linked to later alcohol problems

Prevalence of eating disorders more than doubled during pandemic in 13- to 18-year-old girls, with similar trend, but lower prevalence, in boys

However, these factors are not enough to fully overcome weight-stigmatizing experiences

Findings based on global review of 50 studies in 17 countries

Disordered eating more common among girls and among youths of older age and higher body mass index

Nonshared environmental factors explain 21 percent of the condition in twin study

Authors say this finding may help identify patients who could benefit from screening for an eating disorder

Volumes of adolescents and young adults seeking inpatient, outpatient care for eating disorders increased, particularly during the first year of the pandemic

Among children ages 9 to 10 years, no sex differences observed in likelihood of engaging in disordered eating behaviors