Most common modifications to disposable pods were refilling and recharging the battery

Significantly more patients receiving cytisinicline versus placebo had continuous e-cigarette abstinence at the end of treatment

Vaping tied to greater cigarette quitting in more recent years

However, ongoing use of e-cigarettes with nicotine was high

Quit rate higher for ECs than nicotine replacement therapy; at six months, 62.8 percent in EC arm still using ECs

Combination of a patch and fast-acting nicotine replacement therapy also effective

Prevalence highest in current e-cigarette users and Hispanic and sexual minority populations

Disposable e-cigarettes are sold in flavors known to appeal to children and teenagers, including bubblegum and cotton candy

Increase in prevalence mainly due to increase among never smokers, who accounted for 53 percent of younger adult e-cigarette users in 2021