The Office of Long COVID Research and Practice will lead the U.S. response to long COVID, which includes trials that have already been launched

White House is taking steps to close loopholes that saddle Americans with unexpected medical costs

Biden administration is targeting scam insurance, surprise medical bills, and third-party health credit cards

Mandy Cohen, M.D., comes with credentials that should help her lead the beleaguered agency, criticized for its response to the pandemic

Loneliness can impact sleep, inflammation, and immune system in younger adults, and can lead to pain, depression, and shorter life spans in seniors

A new leader for the U.S. National Institutes of Health could put a fresh focus on efforts to cut cancer death rates

DACA participants have not had the opportunity to obtain health insurance as they do not meet the definition of having 'lawful presence' in the United States

President Joe Biden signed a Republican-backed bill that ends the national COVID-19 emergency a month earlier than planned

Authors say given the low barriers to increase access to care and financial parity, audio-only calls likely to persist

In creating the database, the goal is to provide something that can 'improve applicability and generalizability of findings'