<p>No improvement seen in number of days alive and out of the hospital at 90 days for haloperidol versus placebo</p>

<p>Risks for disability and transition to probable dementia increased after ICU stay for seniors with dual eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid</p>

<p>Survival following ICU stay worse for patients with alcohol-associated versus other types of cirrhosis independent of alcohol abstinence</p>

<p>Findings show physical, mental, and cognitive symptoms one year after ICU stay for COVID-19</p>

<p>Also, work absences common for primary caregivers after critical care hospitalization of child for acute respiratory failure</p>

<p>Increased in-hospital mortality for COVID-19 patients with schizophrenia versus those without severe mental illness</p>

<p>Authors say there is need for increased attention to paternal mental health during infant NICU stay and after discharge to home</p>

<p>Moderate-to-severe depression and anxiety reported for 44.6 and 31 percent, respectively; 47 percent were at risk for PTSD</p>

<p>Factors include previous depression or anxiety, previous PTSD, invasive mechanical ventilation</p>