Proportion of deaths co-involving methamphetamine and heroin or fentanyl peaked at 61.2 percent in 2021

MethHF linked to significant morbidity, including worse heart failure symptoms compared with non-methamphetamine-related heart failure

Rural U.S. residents who use both drugs more likely to have nonfatal overdose than those who use either drug alone

<p>From 2007 to 2019, opioid-stimulant deaths among Black people increased at more than three times the rate of White people</p>

<p>This was the first public safety alert the DEA has issued in six years</p>

<p>Populations at higher risk for methamphetamine use disorder diversifying rapidly</p>

<p>Those with past-year methamphetamine use also more likely to have each combination of paired outcomes or all three outcomes</p>