Prenatal opioid exposure not linked to a clinically meaningful increase in risk for neuropsychiatric disorders

Authors say one explanation for the trend is untreated withdrawal with more severe opioid use disorder

Increase tied to decline in living conditions for children, not illicit opioid use

The American Medical Association calls for action on eight strategies to increase access to evidence-based opioid use disorder care

Rapid induction to extended-release buprenorphine 300-mg injection feasible and well tolerated for those using fentanyl

Predictors include history of overdose, higher opioid dose, three or more prescribers, any mental health diagnosis

Higher 90-day treatment retention rates seen with no higher risk for overdose

Implementation of opioid use disorder screening does not increase percentage of patients with new diagnosis

Opioid crisis hitting those without college education the hardest

Extended-release buprenorphine not cost-effective when transmucosal buprenorphine is available for treatment of OUD