Most patients with emergency department visit for nonfatal opioid overdose were men; most frequent drugs reported were fentanyl and heroin

Extended-release injection available in lower doses to be administered in health care settings by health care providers

Methadone dispensing up after 2020 without displacing use of buprenorphine

More White than Black and Hispanic patients receive buprenorphine, naloxone, benzodiazepines in 180 days after index event

Persons receiving medication for opioid use disorder more likely to be older, White and to have public insurance

Increase seen in age-adjusted drug overdose death rates involving methamphetamine, cocaine; decrease reported in death rates involving oxycodone

Median monthly retention rate was 22.2 percent during January 2016 through April 2022

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved OTC Narcan nasal spray last month to be sold without a prescription

Conditioned open-label placebo had no impact on the 90-day methadone dose, but did improve sleep quality

Increases also seen for coprescribing with opioids