AA genotype linked to reduced severity, but not occurrence, of TD; no association seen for rs210133 with TD occurrence, severity

Serious complications are rare, with confusion and cognitive side effects most common

Improvements seen in cognition, cholesterol, blood sugar, and C-reactive protein

Association between schizophrenia and cardiovascular disease events more pronounced in women than men

However, neurocognitive declines are seen in others, which is tied to other poor outcomes

Significant improvements seen at eight months for positive symptoms and hallucinations, delusions

Reduction in 30-day readmission rate seen for schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder with long-acting versus oral antipsychotics

In a recent study, severe QT prolongation occurred in 13.0 percent of quetiapine and 14.2 percent of haloperidol users

Researchers found that few individuals with psychotic disorders have participated in vocational training

74.9 additional visits for schizophrenia spectrum disorders seen at three months after initial phase of COVID-19 pandemic