TGD beneficiaries more likely than cisgender beneficiaries to use emergency department for mental health care

<p>Cisgender individuals have lowest probability of reporting a mental health condition or unmet mental health need</p>

Facing more adverse conditions has additive effect on risk for contemplating suicide

Findings seen for transgender and gender-diverse individuals desiring testosterone therapy

High satisfaction and low decisional regret seen among 139 responders; no requests for or performance of reversal procedures reported

Court declined to review a federal appeals court ruling that found people with gender dysphoria were entitled to protections under the Americans With Disabilities Act

Co-occurring diagnoses more prevalent among youth whose electronic medical record-reported sex was female, those with private insurance

Increased rates seen for suicide attempts, suicide mortality, suicide-unrelated mortality, all-cause mortality versus nontransgender individuals

Over the same time period, age of gender dysphoria diagnosis dropped

Judge contends law discriminates against transgender people and violates the constitutional rights of doctors